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MetOH is a Mitochondrial Energy Tonic fundamentally increasing the ability of the mitochondria in cells to produce energy by getting more oxygen into cells for the mitochondria to use.

MetOH is a frequency enhanced OH water concentrate that works to remove uric and lactic acid along with other toxins from the body. The unique technology used to make the elixirs, is also used to infuse specific energetic frequencies into metOH that help it to better deal with pathogens, unwanted compromised cells, and to more effectively detox the body than OH water alone would do.

Science tells us that disease cannot thrive in a low acid, toxin-free environment. Unfortunately, there is now unprecedented acid buildup due to fast-paced, stressful lifestyles, toxins in the air and food, and the abundance of acid-producing foods and drinks such as meat, coffee, tea, soda and sugars. As a consequence, this acidity causes cellular oxygen levels to be at an all-time low, causing vast numbers of disease and ill-health as it reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy.

Unlike alkaline water from machines, or any other alkaline water, MetOH actually seeks out and removes hydrogen-containing acids from the body. Removing these acids is the key to health. The water in MetOH has had one hydrogen atom removed using a double-patented process, thereby turning H2O into OH water.

The key to health is having a well oxygenated body. The more acidic your body is, the less oxygen your body can hold. This excess acidity and toxicity causes a lack of oxygen inside and outside cells, and a lack of cellular energy.

When you drink diluted metOH, it starts looking for hydrogen molecules, which are found in acids and toxins. Finding one, it becomes H2O again, pulling acidity from the body as it binds with hydrogen. The body gets rid of the hydrogen molecules as it does all water, through the urine. You will literally urinate the acidity out of your body.

Nothing else we have tested removes acids and toxins so effectively. When acids and toxins are removed by metOH, your body will oxygenate much better. metOH then becomes one of the best oxygenation supplements we supply. This oxygenation will heal your cells, kill pathogens and improve the overall health in your body. You�ll have more energy, which is why we call it a Mitochondrial Energy Tonic.

MetOH is a concentrate you mix with water. Distilled is best, but a good filtered water with no added minerals will be almost as good.

We are electronic beings. With every glass of mixed MetOH, there are trillions of oxygen atoms with free electrons looking to bind up a hydrogen atom. Once bound, they safely remove the acid connected to it from your body. MetOH can help you gain energy, lose excess weight, speed recovery, decrease soreness, detoxify, boost the immune system, the list goes on.

The herbs in MetOH enable it to better increase Mitochondrial Energy production and overall cellular function. They increase the overall effectiveness of metOH by 20% in our testing. A substantial jump in effectiveness with no increase in pricing.

16 oz. Bottle 
Ingredients: OH water concentrate, Proprietary blend of the following herbal extracts:
Yarrow, Hyssop, Red Clover blossom, Burdock, Uva Ursi

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