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Allergy Relief Elixir

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AllergyReliefsmall.jpg - Allergy Relief Elixir

Allergy Relief Elixir provides frequencies to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms. This includes airborne allergies, food allergies, and even chemical sensitivities. Allergy Relief Elixir uses several different approaches to eliminating these allergic reactions.*

We use a proprietary technology to imprint or imbue vibratory frequencies instructing the body to reduce elevated histamine levels and to keep histamine at low-normal levels. Researchers found that when there is a low affinity for allergens to the antibody that creates the allergic response (the IgE antibody), there are significantly fewer allergy symptoms. As Allergy Relief Elixir works to reduce production of IgE, keeping it at low-normal levels, the immune system's response to allergens is greatly reduced.*

Allergy Relief also supports the adrenal glands and their ability to produce cortisol and DHEA. Pituitary and hypothalamus function are also optimized as they work with the adrenal glands to regulate production of these hormones. Sympathetic nervous system function is balanced and optimized so that adequate amounts of cortisol hormones can be produced. These actions prevent histamine levels from elevating, decreasing the chance of allergic reactions.* All this is done naturally, without drugs, resetting the body to a mode that doesn't allow allergy symptoms to develop.*

Heres what one mother had to say. I ordered the Allergy Relief for my two daughters this past spring time - May being the worst month for them. The past seasons, they would take Zyrtec or Allegra but would still exhibit the symptoms, e.g., runny nose, itchy eyes, cough due to itchy throat. However, I made them take said elixir, starting April, and it made a huge difference. The height of the pollen count was in May, and they were starting to be bothered, so I made them take Allergy Relief along with the Zyrtec. I'm very happy to say that their symptoms were almost gone. My other daughter only experienced two days of itchy eyes, and very minor nose irritation. Other than that, it was almost as if they had no allergies at all. Zyrtec has NEVER worked that good in all the springs that they have taken it. Cynthia R. 7/8/16

Allergy Relief Elixir uses the ancient model of healing based on subtle vibrational energy to discharge patterns of disease. Energy healing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures throughout the world via a wide spectrum of modalities from breathing and movement techniques, to meditation, acupuncture and natural herbal remedies.*

What brings about dramatic healing from the above-mentioned energy modalities is the transfer of subtle energy to the cells guided by vibration. The importance of vibration can not be overstated in terms of how subtle energy communicates with our cells, changing their structure and function. Vibration encodes how the energies are used by the cells.*

2 ounce dropper bottle. Use 1 to 3 bottles per month. Ingredients: Frequency-enhanced purified structured water with organic orange and rosemary essential oils

The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to the body.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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