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Memory Recovery Elixir

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Memory Recovery Elixir carries the vibrational frequencies of the subtle energies of a set of instructions into your body. The cells in your body can communicate via frequencies so they pick up these frequency instructions and respond to them. With this elixir, these instructions work on countering a number of the major causes leading to significant memory decline along with other debilitating brain conditions.

One set of instructions increases production of the IL-33 protein in order to enable the immune system to better identify, and release more of, an enzyme that digests amyloid plaque and oligomer clumps. Excessive amounts of these plaques and clumps have been shown to interfere with memory and also disrupt normal brain function in many ways. In addition, increased levels of IL-33 protein may help reduce inflammation in the brain.

Additionally, energetic instructions turn on production of a unique antibody with a GP3 protein tip that binds to amyloid plaque and oligomers. Research has shown that this alone can cause their destruction, and over time may be able to significantly decrease the amount of amyloid plaque and oligomers in the brain.

Memory Recovery Elixir also instructs the body to reduce or stop production of any mutated genes that contribute to memory loss. This includes the APOE-e4 gene, mutated APP genes, and mutated PS-1 or PS-2 genes.

Other instructions activate the body to improve the quality of, and increase the quantity of, nerve synapses in the brain. One focus is to turn off C1q protein activation in adult brains as C1q activation destroys synapses. Adolescents need the pruning and destruction caused by C1q as part of their development. However, if activated in adults, it damages memory and cognitive function.

To help protect the brain, Memory Recovery Elixir tells the immune system to find and remove aluminum and heavy metals from the brain. And to do the same with candida, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma. These all damage the brain, and cause chronic inflammation of the brain and nervous system. Their removal may be fundamental to improving brain health and function.

Memory Recovery Elixir turns on a series of optimizations to enzyme and hormone production which are designed to improve memory and to prevent damage to memory and other brain functions. It may prove to be a remarkable supplement for helping both to improve memory and cognitive function, and as it is dealing with many causes of brain malfunctioning, it may help prevent the development of memory loss or brain disfunction.

I purchased Memory Recovery Elixir for my wife Rose who was diagnosed with Level 6 A disease 3 1/2 years ago (note - next stage is end stage). She has been taking it for exactly 4 weeks today. The results have been amazing. She has progressed from being able to speak only a few words to speaking complete thoughts and carrying on limited conversations. She has expressed concern over finances. She has shown memory of family members, deceased and living. Her vocabulary has also increased.

She has a long way to go, but I have hope now for her recovery. I will keep you posted.

Thank you very much,"
-George McRoberts

Ingredients: Frequency-enhanced purified structured water with organic orange and rosemary essential oils

The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to the body.

2 ounce dropper bottle. Use one or two bottles a month. Therapeutically, up to four bottles a month can be used for the best results.

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