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Ronuv is a low deuterium water (25 parts per million deuterium) which has been frequency enhanced with subtle vibrational energies to supercharge its properties. When used in small amounts, Ronuv stimulates the release of deuterium by cells in the body. Upon being released, deuterium interacts with water molecules and free radicals to create oxygen. Because poorly-functioning, damaged cells tend to carry excess deuterium, the oxygenating process targets these cells, thus making Ronuv one of our strongest oxygenators and pathogen fighters. Works synergistically with OxyDHQ and Oxy Life Force Elixir
4 ounce dropper bottle
Ingredients: Frequency enhanced low deuterium water 25 ppm. potentized with a proprietary blend of energized elixirs.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 March, 2022.
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