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Candida Double-Punch Combo - 3 month supply

cart_images/CDC-3ms_1129.jpg - Candida Double-Punch Combo - 3 month supply

Save an additional 10% on the Candida Double-Punch Combos by getting a 3 month supply.

The Candida Double-Punch Combo provides two foundations necessary to eliminate candida overgrowth. It achieves this by simultaneously removing excess candida and excess toxins.
The Double-Punch Combo 3 month supply includes 6 bottles of CandXpel, a revolutionary elixir that removes candida from the body with minimal die-off symptoms. The frequencies imbued within the molecular structure of CandXpel encourage the immune system to attract candida spores and carry them out of the body. CandXpel encourages movement of candida spores from the deepest parts of the body and into circulation, where they can be effectively removed.

The majority of the symptoms of candida overgrowth are caused by the overload of toxins stuck in the body resulting in an overstressed liver.
This Combo includes 6 bottles of Toxin Elimination Elixir, an energized elixir instructing the lymph system to gather up toxins and carry them to the skin and colon wall for removal from the body.
Toxin Elimination Elixir has proven to work extraordinarily well with people who have been unable to detoxify, or eliminate candida, due to die-off reactions.

Save $109.50 off retail when buying this 3 month supply.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 26 July, 2021.
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