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O3Right is an all natural, oxygen-based colon cleanser. It is doctor formulated to safely cleanse your colon of toxic build up and all pathogens. Here�s how it works:
Because of the interaction of its fruit-based citric acid and magnesium oxides, with the natural acids in your digestive system, O3 Right releases a great deal of oxygen.
This oxygen softens colon build-up, making for easy elimination. The magnesium in it loosens the matter and pushes it through the colon.
And all the oxygen it creates works as an extremely effective internal purifier, having anti-candida, anti-bad bacteria, and anti-parasitic action.

As your digestive health improves with its use, O3Right's oxygen creation will support the immune system deeper into the body repair processes, and help fighting candida, parasites and pathogens in other parts of your body.

It works great for dealing with constipation. Start at 1 or 2 capsules at bedtime and work up to whatever amount you need to. Usually 6 capsules is the most needed. The addition to all its other benefits makes O3Right a highly valuable supplement.

Ingredients per 6 capsules: Magnesium Oxides 2550 mg, Vitamin C (fruit based Citric Acid) 330 mg, Organic Gum Acacia 120 mg.
180 vegetable capsules

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