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End Stage Combo

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When approaching what is considered to be the end stage of an illness, the body needs extra support to maintain and gain strength. While other supplements (such as Fulvitea and CellPro), also support the body, this combo supplies some of the most important ones to be used during the End Stage of an illness.

This combo provides the following supplements, at a savings of almost $200.00 off retail pricing:

1 bottle UltraLiver12. The liver is the organ that needs the most support at the end stage. When it is worn out toxins build up and the body degrades. The main ingredients in UltraLiver12 were used by doctors over the years to successfully treat acute liver degeneration. In one study they succeeded in bringing the liver back to normal function in 75 out of 79 cases of severe and acute liver damage.

1 bottle Glutathione Force II This is a liposomal glutathione supplement that delivers into cells the very hard to absorb glutathione that is the bodyÕs top detoxification molecule and number two cellular antioxidant. Glutathione Force focuses on improving cellular health and increasing the production of energy in cells. Not only does it carry glutathione into cells, but it also delivers CoQ10, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, D Ribose, and other nutrients that improve cellular health. Provides strong liver support.

2 bottles Quzu This elixirÕs vibrational frequencies deliver instructions to the body that accelerate both healing and detoxification. One set of energies turns on production of endorphins in the brain, creating an explosion of endorphins. This improves immune system response as increased endorphins allow the brain to better direct and control the immune system. In addition, it turns on production of glutathione in the body, with all the benefits that this brings.

2 bottles Endocar This frequency enhanced elixir carries instructions specifically designed to help the body deal with the issues that arise during the End Stage of a disease, supporting overall health.

2 bottles Toxin Elimination Elixir This elixir tells the lymph system to identify and capture all toxins, and to package them up and take them to the skin or large intestine where they are pushed out and eliminated. This action bypasses an overloaded liver and significantly improves the removal of toxins from the body. This enables the body to eliminate toxins even if a poorly functioning liver can no longer do so.

2 bottles Blood Support Elixir This elixir tells the body to turn off blood flow to tumors. More important for someone in the End Stage of an illness, it optimizes all aspects of blood function, and supports detoxification along with the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells. It contains a number of instructions that support and improve liver, spleen and bone marrow function.

2 bottles Metabolic Energy Boost This elixir delivers detailed frequency instructions that improve cell metabolism including helping cells produce more energy burning fat. It delivers a unique set of instruction to enable cells to burn fat without having to convert the fat to ketones. In addition it improves and enhances all stages of mitochondrial energy production. Metabolic Energy BoostÕs actions are especially important when someone is in the End Stage.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 26 July, 2021.
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