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CandiSure Combo - Mild

cart_images/CC-M_1157.jpg - CandiSure Combo - Mild

This combo provides three fundamental supplements needed to fight candida: CandElim to kill candida and other pathogens, TotalFlora15 to replenish intestinal flora and Toxin Elimination Elixir to accelerate removal of candida toxins from the body.

1 bottle per month CandElim - Our strongest anti-fungal, this frequency-enhanced liquid formula of herbal extracts, essential oils, flower essences and trace minerals effectively destroys yeast cells, bad bacteria and candida spores throughout the body. Maintain this dosage for 12 months. Stop too soon and there will still be candida fungal spores that have not yet been removed, and also some hibernating candida deep in the body will not be completely gone - These spores can rapidly create another large amount of candida overgrowth, and all the dieting and expense of fighting the candida will have been wasted.

1 bottle a month TotalFlora15 - Replenish the intestinal flora and prevent candida overgrowth from reoccurring in the intestines. This probiotic is our top suggestion for recolonizing the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria which will serve to "crowd out" the yeast overgrowth and keep it from returning. Maintain this dosage for 6 months, then reduce to 1/2 bottle a month for 6 more months to replenish friendly gut bacteria.

1 bottle a month Toxin Elimination Elixir - Use this dosage for a year to deeply detoxify the many cells in your body that have accumulated candida waste toxins.

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