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Cell Phone Tab 3 Hole Resonator

cart_images/CPT_610.jpg - Cell Phone Tab 3 Hole Resonator

Protect yourself from electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones and cordless home phones. These tabs are manufactured from a unique type of ceramic that functions as a dielectric resonator, providing a portable and effective means of clearing potentially harmful electromagnetic energies. Simply place a tab on the antenna end of the device or behind the receiver. Tab lasts indefinitely, most likely longer than the phone itself!

When a person wears a battery-powered device against their body for hours each day, the stored energy of the battery can influence their well-being. The longer the device is worn, the more it affects the wearer. Any machine or appliance that is near/around you, pressing against your hand, head, chest, abdomen, lap, legs or feet can deleteriously affect the delicate voltage system of your body. Keep appliances/devices at least four feet from your head, especially at nighttime. Don't sit with remote controls in your hands or lap and don't sleep with cell phones, battery-powered clocks, remotes or flashlights in your bed. Check to make sure you do not have electrical cords under your bed.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 14 January, 2021.
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