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Know Candida Kit 1

cart_images/KCK1_1096.jpg - Know Candida Kit 1

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This Combo includes one bottle each of our CandElim, PapayaPro, P-A-L Plus Digestive Enzymes and Super PEO Essential Fatty Acid Blend. In addition, the kit contains one bottle each of CandXpel and Optimal C Elixirs at no additional cost. When combined with the refunded USPS domestic Priority Mail shipping we offer on all Know The Cause combos, this constitutes a savings of more than $85.00. Sorry, we cannot offer free shipping on orders sent Internationally or with Express Mail.

Lets start by going over what each of these supplements does and explaining why they are in this kit. We start with one of our top Candida fighting supplements.

CandElims Candida fighting ability is superb. I developed it a number of years ago in an attempt to make the very best anti-Candida supplement I could.

Feedback has been great. CandElim has been helping people better than any other supplement ever has.

It fights Candida in several different ways.
1 CandElim primarily uses herbs, essential oils and a set of vibrational frequency energetic instructions encoded into it. These energetic frequencies disrupt and kill Candida and other pathogens throughout the body including outside the circulatory system. So it get fights Candida that most other supplements cant even reach.
2 The herbs, essential oils and energies in CandElim boost the immune system response so that it will more effectively fight Candida.
3 The vibrational frequencies gradually deactivate and destroy Candida spores throughout the body.
4 Energies supercharge the Candida destroying essential oils and herbal extracts in CandElim. Normally Candida rapidly adjust to herbs, essential oil, just about anything you can throw at it so that they becomes less effective.
5 The frequencies in CandElim prevent Candida from adjusting to the herbs and essential oils in it -- enabling them to kill Candida for many months and to kill Candida much more effectively then they could if there were no energies.
6 Instructions in CandElim stop production of the chitin synthase enzymes needed for the Candida to produce and repair chitin. Consequently the chitin cell membrane of Candida will become damaged and weak. And..
7 The immune system and the anti-Candida herbs and oils in CandElim will be able to more easily and effectively deal with Candida overgrowth.
8 CandElim also kills Candida, bad bacteria, viruses and other pathogens -- with the focus on Candida and carries sets of instructions to aid the detoxification process -- so that die-off will not be as bad as it could be.

CandElim is a proprietary blend of the following:
Frequency Enhanced Purified Water,
Herbal Extracts of: Olive Leaf, Magnolia-Officinalis, Yucca, Astragalus Root, Pau DArco and Dandelion Root.
Flower Essences of: Larch, Pine, Oak, Redwood.
Organic Essential Oils of: Cedarwood (Thuja), Clove Stem, Fir Needle, Juniper Berry, Lemon Grass, Oregano, Pine, Spruce, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Orange and Lemon.
Minerals: Volcanic origin ORMUS, Humic and Fulvic Minerals.

A bottle supplies approximately 30 drops a day for a month. Taken directly in the mouth and held for a minute, or put in a liquid and drunk right down. Take once a day with a meal.

As CandElim is powerful and as die-off symptoms occur when you rapidly kill Candida, start with a low dose. Typically starting with 6 drops once a day works well.

But if this dosage seems to cause too much die-off, reduce to using two or three drops once a day to start with and gradually increase every few days or so. Go by how you feel.


This next part of Kit #1, PapayaPro, helps with digesting Candida while at the same time removing Candida die off toxins. Plus it helps clean the blood and supplies enzymatic support for the pancreas, gastrointestinal tract and circulation.
PapayaPro uses seven power-packed fruit complexes to support extraordinary levels of whole body cleansing, reducing inflammation, fighting infection and improving detoxification processes. It was doctor formulated to interfere in the replication of Candida and other unwelcome visitors.

Each scoopful delivers mega amounts of powerful enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. It contains

Mature Green Papaya
Mature green papaya has several enzymes including papain which aid in the digestion of protein. Papain and other plant enzymes from Papaya are able to tolerate a wide range of pH so that they are able to work both in an acid stomach and an alkaline small intestine. These enzymes may also digest undigested debris in the intestinal tract. Further, it is historically used as an anti parasitic agent and helps to digest Candida also. Mature Green Papaya also assists the pancreas in its job and thus relieves pancreatic stress - essential to this organs recovery.

Wildcrafted Citrus Pectin
Wildcrafted citrus pectin is a water soluble, complex polysaccharide plant fiber obtained from the rind and peel of citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits and tangerines.

It is a strong binding agent, which directly relates to its tremendous detoxification and cholesterol lowering properties.
As such, it will help absorb the toxins from Candida die off.

Two recent clinical studies found that Citrus Pectin is a very safe and effective supplement for reducing heavy metal load. Both studies concluded that Citrus Pectin is a viable alternative to the harsher intravenous chelating therapies and Citrus Pectin was found to be both effective and free of any side effects.
Wildcrafted Citrus Pectin and Cardiovascular Health
Several studies published in the 1990s (the Journal of Nutrition and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) have examined the cholesterol lowering effect of pectin in animals and humans. It is well documented that pectin binds to cholesterol, enabling the cholesterol to be excreted from the body.

Citrus Pectin also has the additional property of inhibiting cholesterol from forming plaque, the sticky substance which adheres to blood vessel walls, clogging and restricting blood flow. This is a huge benefit in reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology showed citrus pectin supplementation alone significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels.

A recent study published in the May, 2004 issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry shows that Citrus Pectin contains a powerful compound called polymethoxylated flavones or PMFs that can lower bad LDL cholesterol as effectively as the dangerous statin drugs and without side-effects.

Wildcrafted Mangosteen
The mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) is grown primarily in Southeast Asia and is often called the "Queen of All Fruits".
Historically the dark purple rind was dried and ground and used to fight off infection. Ancient healers created an extract of the fruit to reduce fever. Poultices were made to treat parasitic skin infections. It has been used for centuries to treat dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tract infections and eczema.

The mangosteen in PapayaPro gently compliments the action of the Mature Green Papaya and wildcrafted citrus pectin making it an important support for pancreatic and GI repair and recovery.

Humic/Fulvic Acid: Detoxifies, Reduces Inflammation
Humic and Fulvic acids are nutrient complexes that developed over millennia in humus rich soil and in ancient plant deposits.

They provide powerful phytochemical, biochemical, supercharged antioxidants and free radical scavengers such as super oxide dismutase. They contain a broad spectrum of enzymes, minerals and other cofactors that increase oxygen and nutrient uptake and absorption.

Alongside their impressive nutrient profile, humic and fulvic acids provide hugely important support in three critical areas, by:
1. Reducing inflammation.
2. Detoxifying the body of heavy metals and other poisons
3. Reinforcing the Immune systems anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Humic/Fulvic Anti-inflammation effects
A research team, lead by Prof Medlen (publishes as C.E.J. van Rensburg) from the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, found that humates inhibit the binding of inflammatory cells to specific "sticky" molecules on the walls of blood vessels in the vicinity of inflammation.

And that they inhibit the release of certain substances by white blood cells that are responsible for the tissue damage seen at the site of inflammation. In this way humates will therefore protect areas of existing inflammation from suffering more serious damage by stopping inflammatory cells from sticking to the nearby blood vessels and depositing toxic substances.

In PapayaPro these organic humic/fulvic acid nutrients expand on the benefits of the other ingredients.

Green Gold (40% EGCG Green Tea)
Specific lab tests show that EGCG blocked a chemical chain reaction linked to inflammation and joint damage. Green teas antioxidants have been shown to be highly beneficial to the heart - they help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, in fact studies show that supplement use of green tea extract can double the rate of cholesterol excretion.

Organic Cinnamon
It is used in PapayaPro to enhance overall blood and nutrient flow. Cinnamon other published powerful anti aging, anti-disease wellness benefits include: curbs disease-resistant yeast infections, supports in regulating sugar levels and fights E. coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices and other foods.

Quercetin is a plant pigment found in many foods such as onions, apples, berries, tea, grapes and red wine. Its classified as a flavonoid and a beneficial anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. Quercetin is used in many countries as a vasoprotector. The liver of rats given toxins was much better protected when they were pre-treated with quercetin.

Ingredients: Mature Green Papaya 4:1 extract 3,375 mg, Wildcrafted Citrus Pectin 2,475 mg, Wildcrafted Mangosteen 1,406 mg, 40% EGCG Green Tea Extract 600 mg, Humic/Fulvic Acid 300 mg, MicroZeolite 270mg, Vitamin C 140 mg, Quercetin 140 mg, Bioflavanoids 140 mg, Organic Cinnamon 140 mg, Aulterra Trace Mineral 12 mg. Serving Size: 2 scoops (9 grams)

Super PEO

Candida fungi, after years of living in your body, have produced so many toxins the cell membranes do not work correctly. They get blocked and oxidized by these toxins. Part of the story of getting back to health is to repair your cell walls, to make them more permeable. This enables oxygen and nutrients to more easily enter cells and toxins to leave.

The right ratio of EFAs, Essential Fatty Acids and more particularly, the right ratio of PEOs or Parent Essential Oils that the body makes EFAs from, supply the nutrients needed for proper and healthy cell membranes.

Candida eat hormones, some more than others. As a consequence, they throw your hormones out of balance. Prostaglandins are chemicals that help regulate hormones. The more out of balance your hormones are, the more your body needs prostaglandins to stabilize and regulate these hormones.

Your body cannot manufacture sufficient amounts of prostaglandins without the proper EFAs. Not only important for hormones and cell walls, they also support the immune and nervous system, which also are greatly affected by Candida toxins.

Finally, the right ratio of high quality, non oxidized EFAs is highly anti-inflammatory. Candida produces a great deal of inflammation in the body, often resulting in pain. So adding these EFAs into your diet is extremely helpful and healthy.

Based on the work of Brian Peskin, Super PEO uses a 3 to 1 ratio of Omega 6s to Omega 3s as this is best for overall health. It
has been frequency enhanced to make it even more useful and bio-available in the body.

Super PEO is a proprietary, nutrient dense, organically crafted, Parent Essential Fatty Acid Oil blend. It comes in a 8oz bottle which provides a months supply (6 grams daily) of the most biologically active PEOs that you can find anywhere.

The oils in it provide you with the perfect Peskin PEO 3 to 1 ratio. Essential oils are added to protect the oils from oxidation damage. And more importantly the oils on their own supply a host of immune boosting, Candida fighting, anti-inflammatory benefits.

Super PEO contains the following cold pressed organic oils:

1 Black Cumin Seed Oil Has been used for centuries to promote health and fight disease. Hundreds of medical studies have been published in the Middle East, Asia and Europe focusing on its immune strengthening, anti-histamine, anti-tumor, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity. This cold pressed oil is exceptionally high in antioxidants and contains thymoquinone, nigellone and beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol known to lower serum cholesterol.
2 Evening Primrose Oil Coined the Kings Cure-All in the 1700s, it has remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is especially valuable for womens reproductive health.
3 Black Currant Seed Oil is an excellent source of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which is an essential fatty acid used to treat a variety of ailments, from diabetes and ulcers to allergies and cancer. GLA has a powerful anti-inflammatory action which can be used to treat the swelling and pain associated with arthritis, as well as gastritis.
4 Another distinct benefit of black currant seed (and black cumin seed) oil is its anti-viral properties. A study published in the February 2003 issue of "Phytotherapy Research" shows that it is particularly protective against the influenza virus. Researchers in Japan state that not only was the growth of influenza A and B completely suppressed when exposed to BCSO extract, it also prevented the virus from being released from the infected cells and spreading further.
5 Camelina Seed Oil and Flax Seed Oil are from ancient food sources known for providing sustained energy over a prolonged period of time. They have been recognized as a super-food for hundreds of years. Organic Cold Pressed Camelina Seed Oil and Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil have among the highest omega-3 contents of any plant. Omega 3 can be converted into DHA (as needed) in the body and is essential in brain and nervous system functions.
6 Camelina oil contains a somewhat rare to find fatty acid called gondoic acid in significant amount, about 15%. This fatty acid possesses the ability to improve your lipid profile. Camelina and flax seed oils also contains many phytosterol compounds that have powerful health benefits.
7 Hemp Seed Oil also provides an ample supply of carotene, phytosterol and phospholipids. In addition it has a large number of minerals including: calcium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is also a good source of chlorophyll. Using Hemp seed oil alone can also improve energy levels, blood pressure, regularity, cholesterol levels, hair, finger nails and help ease joint and arthritic pains.
8 Borage Seed Oil is a rich source of antioxidants and proanthocyanidins with anti-bacterial properties. It is a rich source of GLAs. Borage oil has a reputation for alleviating symptoms of autoimmune disorders, skin disorders, premenstrual syndrome and cramps, diabetic neuropathy and other inflammatory conditions.
9 The authors of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition analyzed the data from many trials, including their own, concluding that GLA in oils such as borage could provide symptom relief and possibly reduce the need for painkillers.
10 Sunflower Seed Oil What is used in Super PEO is organic and cold pressed. This differs from mass produced sunflower oils which are extracted using damaging heat and chemicals. Cold pressing preserves natural antioxidants and nutrients. Sunflower seed oil has higher vitamin E content than many vegetable oils with high levels of unsaturated fat.

The addition of organic essential oils from Orange, Lime and Lemon further enhance the benefits of this blend. These oils derived from the fruit peel are antiseptic, anti-depressant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, add delicious flavor and protect the blends freshness and stability.

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil is excellent for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing the spirit, stimulating mental agility and improving concentration. For the digestive system, peppermint oil is effective for a range of ailments, as it stimulates the gall bladder and the secretion of bile.

Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil has a toning and calming effect on the respiratory tract, the nervous system and in the easing of pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis. It also provides even more properties to protect freshness and effectiveness and broaden the wide spectrum of the healing potentials within these carefully crafted plant-based Parent Essential Oils.

Per 2 tsp serving Super PEO supplies: Omega 3 1200 mg, Omega 6 3600 mg, Omega 9 1990 mg, Gamma-Linoleic Acid 750 mg.

P-A-L Plus Enzymes

One common issue when dealing with Candida overgrowth is digestion. Digestive issues are common. The gut flora is altered with more bad bacteria, much more Candida and less of the good bacteria needed to aid digestion.

So for the first month of our Know Candida protocols, in Kit #1 we include a superior digestive enzyme to give your body a head start at breaking down food in the stomach seeing as how your gut may not be able to help as much as it should.

You could continue to use this longer than a month if you find you greatly need it. But the first month is when it is most needed as there will be less bad bacteria and Candida in your gut after this month and thus more friendly bacteria for slightly improved digestion.

The primary P-A-L enzymes are Protease to digest protein, Amylase to digest carbohydrates and Lipase to digest fats. These are high-dose, potent, plant-based enzymes formulated to aid digestion and to assist with the bodies enzymatic cleansing process.

If you have eaten a diet consisting primarily of cooked, processed or refined foods, you are likely to be deficient in enzymes to one degree or another. Your body has been overworking, making additional enzymes to make up for the enzymes destroyed in the cooking and processing.

Enzyme deficiency can result in sluggish digestion, nutrient depletion and inefficient elimination of waste, stressing the pancreas, the immune system, even the entire body.

Ingredients Per serving, 1 capsule: Pancreatin 30,000 UPS, Acid Stable Protease 100 SAPU, Protease 60,000 HUT, Neutral Bacterial Protease 40,000 PC, Amylase 20,000 SKB, Bacterial Amylase 10,000 BAU, Lipase 12,000 LU, Cellulase 1,000 CU, Alpha Galactosidase 150 GALU, Lactase 2,500 ALU (Dairy Free Culture), Trace Minerals 50mg. Pancreatin is derived from the aspergillus fungus.

Dealing with Candida overgrowth effectively takes a complete approach to supporting the whole body. Kit #1 is designed to get you off to a good start when used along with Doug Kaufmanns diet stages.

Free to you with the purchase of Kit #1

To make this kit and all the kits for that matter, remarkably more effective, we are giving away two unique and powerful frequency enhanced elixirs that have been producing exceptional results when used by people fighting Candida.

Each bottle retails for $39.95 so you receive $79.90 of two of our top Candida supplements for free when you purchase Kit #1. You get:


Working in completely unique and what is proving to be a very powerful way, to deal with Candida fungal overgrowth, CandXpel is a frequency enhanced elixir that get Candida to leave the body alive. This action greatly reduces die off issues caused by toxins released by dead Candida when you kill them.

A frequency enhanced elixir is energized by a set of instructions telling the body or anything in it, like Candida, to take specific actions. The subtle energy of the instructions are amplified and concentrated in the elixir water. Your body picks up these instructions when you take the elixir.

CandXpel gets Candida to leave the body several different ways.

1 CandXpel tells the Candida to leave, to get out of town and not come back, that life is better elsewhere.
2 CandXpel carries frequencies that are highly irritating to Candida, so much so that the Candida pack up their bags and leave just to get away from those frequencies.
3 CandXpel tells the immune system to find Candida and to escort them out of the body. Alive. Leaving either through the kidneys or digestive tract.
4 CandXpel also tells the immune system to seek out and grab hold of Candida spores and carry them out of the body.

CandXpel has been producing excellent results. One user writes, "Since taking CandXpel Ive also noticed a marked improvement in mental clarity and focus - it literally feels as if a very thick and long-standing fog is finally lifting and the view really is quite something without it! Liz C.

With CandXpel, Candida overgrowth can be reduced without overloading the liver and the detoxification systems with toxins from the dead Candida. So your body will heal faster and beat Candida sooner.

The Candida will either move through the digestive tract to be eliminated through the colon, or be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Thus the liver will not have to be working harder to eliminate Candida or their toxins. It will still need to be detoxing the toxins your cells will start to release once there is less Candida in your body.

Supporting your body even more, reducing inflammation, toxicity and improving the immune system is:

Optimal C Elixir

Optimal C may well prove to be a remarkable breakthrough for improving human health and longevity. It is a frequency enhanced elixir instructing the body to make vitamin C.

Humans have not been able to make vitamin C, as most mammals do, because the gene turning on production of the gulonolactone oxidase enzyme is missing. This enzyme is needed by the liver to make vitamin C from glucose.

We have found that elixirs do a very good job of telling the body to make specific enzymes. Consequently, the instructions in Optimal C take the place of this gene as they tell the body to turn on L-gulonolactone oxidase production. This enables the body to produce vitamin C and the elixir tells the liver to make optimal levels of vitamin C for the best overall health and wellbeing.

Mammals that make their own vitamin C produce massive amounts of it compared to what we get in our modern diet. For example, a 150 pound goat, when unstressed, produces 13,000 mg of vitamin C a day and when stressed, can produce up to 13 times more, approximately 169,000 mg a day.

Researchers say that this ability to produce vitamin C may be the underlying reason why animals can live a healthy life through old age if give half a chance. Optimal C will stimulate your body to produce similar quantities of vitamin C appropriate to your weight. Thus producing extremely high levels of the most optimal form of vitamin C or ascorbic acid there is, the kind the body makes. Being able to turn on natural vitamin C production in the body makes Optimal C the most valuable supplement there is to prevent disease, to achieve optimal health and to increase longevity.

It has powerful actions for helping deal with Candida overgrowth. All that vitamin C is highly anti-inflammatory and all the toxins produced by Candida produce a ton of health depleting, pain causing inflammation.

It will help neutralize the toxins and eliminate them from the body. Vitamin C is also known for improving the performance of the immune system. In high doses it will help prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing in your blood. It is oxidized LDL that causes the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Elixir Ingredients: The base of all the elixirs is: Purified spring water, organic orange and rosemary essential oils.

The oils help the sets of vibrational frequency instructions encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

You can certainly decide to use either of both of these elixirs on their own. But you get them for free with any of the kits. And it works best to work on Candida and your overall health comprehensively. To support your body in several different ways.

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