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SoundTherapy digital download

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The Sound Therapy digital download is particularly helpful for those who have emotional, physical issues or learning disorders. Since Music - harmonics and overtones are the psycho-acoustic components that train and develop advanced thinking, logic and reasoning skills it makes sense that sound has a powerful influence on our senses, our perceptions and most importantly, our psyches ? both psychological and spiritual. It stimulates production of endorphins which enables the brain to better control the immune system, and for the immune system to then be able to do a better job of whatever it needs to do.

This therapy recording is of tones created by tuning forks which are made of an aluminum alloy, designed to produce rich harmonics and overtones characterized by warmth and depth. The vibrations from the tuning fork create a tone known as the 'fundamental note'. Basically, when two tuning forks vibrate together, it creates a pattern containing two vibrational frequencies. The first harmonics and overtones the 'partial', vibrates exactly twice as fast as the fundamental note.The second three times as fast as the first, and so on. The brain hears not only the two frequencies, but also a third frequency ? the actual difference between the two frequencies, plus all of the resulting harmonics and overtones, a complex 'sound bath' is administered, helping to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

Rhythm is processed by the left hemisphere, while harmony and intonation are processed by the right hemisphere. The convergent zones, in the prefrontal lobes, control attention span, judgment, impulse control and motivation. This is where the connection of the two hemisphere takes place, creating coordinated thought patterns.

The resulting immediate and long-term benefits of The Sound Therapy digital download include: 1. Increasing the speed of brain synapses, 2. Enhancing communication of neural networks, 3. Stimulating consumption of glucose, resulting in greater overall brain activity, 4. Inspiring intuition and creativity, 5. enriching motor coordination, 6. Quickening pattern recognition, 7. Expanding aural stimulation and 8. Prolonging concentration, focus and memory.

Since this product is a downloadable recording, you will need a computer to access it and the ability to download it onto the computer or, a flash drive or other device.

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