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CMSD Combo

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The CMSD Combo - Early provides:
2 CMSD Elixir
2 Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir
2 Glutam
2 Dtosin
1 Body and Skin Renewal Elixir

The CMSD Combo - Advanced provides:
3 CMSD Elixir
3 Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir
3 Glutam
3 Dtosin
2 Body and Skin Renewal Elixir

CMSD Elixir instructs the body to shut down the process of metabolizing excess sugars and reducing the metabolism of nutrients in unhealthy cells, while leaving normal cells unaffected. In addition.

Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir turns off this pathway in rogue cells only, greatly reducing their ability to produce energy, and thus limiting their ability to grow. It leaves healthy normal cells unaffected.

Glutam Elixir works to prevent glutamine from being metabolized by unwanted cells.
Glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid in the body -- a vital component of muscle building and digestive health -- but it also functions as an energy source for any unwanted cells in the body.

Dtosin Elixir reduces expression and production of the vascular endothelial growth factor, the PMOR enzyme, the hepatocyte growth factor (HCF) protein, the matrix metalloproteinases and the CD31 protein. This includes instructions to increase production of the Mdm2 protein, the apoptosis inducing factor protein, the MMP (TIMP) protein, and the PCNA antigen.

Body and Skin Renewal is a frequency enhanced elixir that instructs replicating cells to embody youth and vitality. Instructions focus on activating a youth template during replication. These instructions tell every reproducing cell to follow this template in order to emerge as a healthier and slightly younger cell.

Ingredients: The base of all these elixirs is purified spring water, organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The oils enable the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water to work more effectively.

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